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Drafts & Design Sweden

We expertise in 3D technology’s such as 3D Modelling / CAD, 3D visualization / Rendering, 3D Scanning, And 3D Printing.

3D printing prototypes

3D print your prototype with us. Fast, easy and reliable.

Serial Production

Produce series up to 1000 pieces a week without the costs of molds! 

3D scanning

Accuracy of 0,03mm 

What can we help you with?

Our goal is to be the helping hand for companies wanting to explore or learn more about additive manufacturing and the benefits of 3D technology.


Additive manufacturing lets you produce products without the need of tooling costs and let´s you produce prototypes in a heartbeat. 


We offer the highest possible accuracy with our state of the art Creaform Laser Scanner. Scan objects from 5x5cm to 10×10 meters

R&D / Product developement

Our team of designers and engineers can help you design products that’s more then just beautiful, the products we design are designed with additive manufacturing and sustainability in mind. 

Some of our clients:

Let’s Work Together

We would love to hear from you and about your fun projects! 

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